Robot, job, and our future 机器,工作,和我们的未来


    The third industrial revolution caused a spike in human productivity. Since the emergence of the factory, the human has always been somewhat connected with machines. Simultaneously, people started to question, what if one day, the machines took over human jobs? This is not a new topic, but what’s different now is that possibility has become more realistic and more urgent than ever. 

     Nowadays, people use global trade as a tool to offset the difference in each country’s productivity. Many countries are benefiting from that, and they become affluent. At the same time, many developed nations complain that some developing nations gain “unfair” advantages by using cheap labor in the global market. More and more people have started to think that other countries’ cheap labor will cause companies to shift their production lines offshore. That way the unemployment rate in the developed nations will rise, and people will have a harder time getting a job. But according to Ball State University’s research, between 2000-2010, international trade has only accounted for about 13% job loss in the US, but technology development has accounted for about 85% job loss. If the trend continues, the machine will replace many human jobs in the future of work.

    What’s this impact of automation on our society? Well, the first thing we are sure about is the advancement of technology will not stop. This development trend is continuous and grows exponentially. According to Moore’s law (some reports show it might be very difficult to sustain in the future), the technology development speed in the past 20 years is significantly higher compared with previous times in human history.

      That means the speed of automation evolution will only be faster and faster, and it will never be stopped. That will create a significant impact on our society. Below are some main arguments that I feel are very interesting:


  1. Technology development will definitely cause job loss, but it will also create many new jobs. This theory is correct, but one thing we need to check is the number of jobs will be created and lost. First, according to the graph above, we are having the fastest technology growth rate in human history, which means now we have a shorter time to adjust to the change or learn a new skill. That would potentially make some amount of people unable to adapt to the constantly changing society. How the government is going to ensure those people’s living will become a critical issue. Optimistically, many new kinds of jobs will be created. It will be very difficult for us to imagine what these new jobs are. But one thing is for sure, these jobs will not be boring, repetitive or even easy, and they will require people’s critical thinking, innovation, and emotional skills. That will give people some challenges to learn these skills.


  1.  In the future, automation will help boost human productivity exponentially. The level of industrialization and production speed will both increase significantly. Human needs can be fulfilled in a shorter amount of time compared to before. That is a good thing, but one day, humans will eventually recognize that the excessive amount of product will surpass our needs. The waste from humans and its harm to the environment are two critical questions that people should start to think about. Currently, China is a global manufacturing powerhouse, and its production capability ranked at the top of the world. The amount of products produced by China has surpassed its domestic market needs. This conflict can be resolved by international trade. But what if more and more countries can produce more products than its people need? In that case, the global market will become saturated.


  1. UBI, universal basic income, is an unconditional monthly paycheck to a countries’ citizens. This is a trending term in recent years. Asian American Presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s core campaign idea is UBI. Yang himself is an entrepreneur, and he understands that in the future, automation will have a significant impact on people’s jobs. Yang promised that once he becomes the president, he will give everyone unconditionally a $1000 monthly paycheck. And this money will come from taxation on companies that use automation that replaced human jobs. That is a nice idea, but very unrealistic for now. If you do some simple math, you can find out that current income tax revenue is not able to support that idea, which gives every American $1000 per month.  Unless in the future, automation causes a significant increase in productivity, as well as a huge layoff, this idea is unnecessary.


  1. In the future, global wise, the crime rate will fall. Take two examples:

Currently, artificial intelligence cameras manufactured by China can recognize a particular person in 3 billion people for just a second, and the success rate is 99.8%. China currently has 176 million cameras, and in the future, the number will be doubled or tripled. Despite the concern about privacy, one thing is for sure, low-level crime (such as stealing or robbery) rates will decline significantly in the future. Also, police will take significantly less time to track the criminal, thanks to the advanced cameras. Issues regarding civil rights and privacy protection should also be discussed and regulated. Global wise, multiple countries have set up certain agreements to crack down on the corruption, money laundering or tax evasion. The use of Big Data can help governments to crack down on these crimes. Also high – intelligence crime, such as identity theft and stealing biological data, could rise in the future.


                                      What should we do to prepare for the future?     

      The best solution is education. Whether it is to improve people’s critical thinking ability, emotional understanding ability (i.e., sympathy) or just learning a new skill, education is the best way to achieve these goals. Education can also help people better work with robots and use robots in a good way, which is to move our society forward not destroy it. Learning to work with robots is the only choice for us. The productivity from automation combined with human emotional intelligence will bring a better world for all of us; the only conditions are,  it has to be ethical and under the framework of the law.

       Now, we are living in a fast-growing time. The fourth industrialization will bring our life to a new standard. By that time, we will work with robots to build a better society. We will also face many problems and challenges on this path, such as wealth inequality or high-intelligence crime. I believe in the nearest future, we will have a more intelligent, secure and affluent society.


Industrial-Robotics-AI-Machine-Learning.jpeg      第三次工业革命,全世界的生产力得到了爆发性的增长。从工厂诞生的那一天起,人们便于机器产生了千丝万缕的关系。也是在同一天,人们开始了思考,机器是否有一天会成为人类工作的掠夺者。这个思考并不是一个新话题,而与以往不同的是,现在这个可能性更加的真实,也更加的迫切。

在全球化的浪潮下,人们通过了国际贸易弥补了各个国家生产力的不平均,不少国家也受益于国际贸易变得更加富裕,而我的祖国,中国就是一个很好的例子。但与此同时,发达国家的人民对于发展中国家通过廉价劳动力而在全球市场中所获得的“非公平性竞争”而心存不满。在发达国家里,越来越多的人认为别的国家的廉价劳动力使得本国公司将工作,尤其是制造业的工作输出到国外,使得国内就业压力屡屡增大。这一说法,在欧洲和美国尤其普遍,其国内政客也颇爱说辞。而根据第三方大学报告指出,在2000-2010年间,国际贸易只占到了制造业工作流失总量的13%,而科技发展说导致的流失则达到85%。 从客观数据来看,机器取代人力将成为未来的大趋势。那机器化对于我们的社会又会带来什么影响呢?

首先,有一点是可以确定的,那就是机器化是不可逆的。这一发展趋向具有持续性并且为exponential growth而非线性增长。近二十年,根据摩尔定律(有报道称在未来可能难以持续)来看,和人类历史上科技发展速度相比,近二十年科技的发展速度显著增快。1这就说明机器化的速度只会越来越快,而且绝不会停止。这对人类社会的影响会是深远的。现在,有几个主流观点十分有趣,带着我的看法,在这给大家分享一下。

  1. 科技一定会带来工作流失,可这同时也会创造新的就业。这个观点本身肯定是正确的,但有个数量级的关系。首先,根据前面的图表来看,现在科技发展速度越来越快,相对来说,给人们适应的时间会越来越短,人们学习、适应新技能的时间也越来越短,这就会导致未来一部分人将会被淘汰,政府如何保障这些人的生活,将会是一个十分重要的问题去解决。乐观来看,未来有很多工作又会创建,这些是全新的工作,我们现在完全无法想象。但可以确定的是,不会是枯燥,无聊,或者简单的工作,而会需要人们有一定的思考力,创造力和情感,这就会给人们就业会提出一些挑战。
  2. 未来机器化将会使得人们的制造力实现爆炸性增长,工业水平,生产速度将会快速的提升,人们的需求将会快速的被得到满足。这是好事,可是人们总有一天会意识到,其实生产的东西远远超出人们所需要的。浪费以及环境问题都是人们所应该思考的问题。目前,中国是全球生产大国,其工业能力在世界上数一数二,中国生产的东西远超其国内的需求,这个矛盾可以通过世界贸易来缓解甚至变成中国的优势。可如果大多数国家都有能力生产远超本国国内需求数量的产品,市场就会达到一种饱和。
  3. UBI, universal basic income,无条件基本收入。这个是最近几年比较热门的词语。美国总统亚裔候选人Andrew Yang就以UBI为竞选核心。Andrew本身也是一名企业家,他比较清楚未来机械化对人们工作会产生的较大影响,便表示他当上总统后会给予每个人每个月1000美元的收入,不带有附加条件。而这些钱就来源于那些大量收益于机械化的生产企业的税收。这是一个很美好的想法,但就目前来看不现实。刚接触UBI这个政策时,我基本是一笑了之,但随着UBI获得越来越多的关注时,许多经济学家表达了积极看法时,我重新审视了这个政策。有人做了些简单的计算,表示美国国库不足以支持这个政策,除非砍掉军事,医疗,教育等支出,所以基本不现实。但至于未来,科技机械化导致生产力的大幅度提升,这个想法会不会有可能性很难说,但至少会有讨论的意义。星盟预计,在未来的15-20年里,这种情况将会出现,人们将会正式的面对机器人所带来的影响,无论是正面或是负面。
  4. 未来,全球范围内,犯罪将会明显减少,尤其是低级别的犯罪。举两个例子,目前中国所制造的人工智能摄像头,能在秒级单位里分析对比30亿个生物体征,而识别准确度高达99.8%。中国目前有1.76亿摄像头,而在未来这个数字可能翻2-3倍。除了对于隐私保护的担忧,可以确定的是,低级别犯罪,如偷盗抢这类犯罪将大大减少,破案时间也将会大大缩小。至于公民权利和隐私保护也将是值得探讨的话题。另一个例子是中国的税收引入了大数据等技术,这将大大提升逃税,避税的难度。全球范围内,多国政府均达成一定程度的反贪腐或者反逃税的信息联网,大数据的联通及信息共享将会大大提升犯罪的难度。但如个人信息泄露,信用卡盗刷,及生物数据盗取等具备一定科技程度的黑客犯罪将会逐步增多。
  5. 极度贫困将会逐步减少。生产力的高速发展将会使得人们生活更富足,而极度贫困的数量也将会大大减少,这也是人类社会发展的意义和目的所在。但我有个看法,是贫富分化将会逐步增大。21世纪以来,科技所带来的财富分配与往年十分不同,中美两国来看,首富往往是具有一定科技背景的,如阿里巴巴,腾讯和Facebook。科技在未来的发展也起的十分关键的作用。财富将会迅速向本身具备知识,技术的人身上集中。而具备大量知识,技术的人往往家庭条件良好,阶层将会更加难打破但依然可能。财富将会更加明显的向少数人集中。我和普渡大学几位教授学者讨论过这个问题,有两位教授提出了不同的看法,贫富分化将会增大,这一定是个坏事吗?我觉得这会对社会稳定提出挑战,但我还是将这个问题留给大家去讨论。
  6. 我的另一个观点是全球发展速度将不平均。相对来说,一个大公司会比一个小公司更有竞争力,因为大公司往往具有更多的研发资金,技术实力更加雄厚,经验更丰富等等。而在未来,大国的发展速度将远远超过小国家的发展速度。理由类似。目前,在5G,大数据,人工智能等高精尖技术上,中美可谓是两个领跑者,而日本,荷兰,韩国也各有优势,当大量中等或者偏小的国家将会越来越难追赶。比如说当中美使用5G技术时,有些国家才刚刚使用上较为稳定的3G通信,这差距会越来越大,除非中美企业通过贸易手段来传播技术,如华为将参与菲律宾的5G建设。
  7. 科技化将使得人口红利逐步减少。人口红利这个词对于中国人来说并不陌生。作为一个拥有14亿人口的大国来说,低廉的劳动力和大量的人口基数都对中国制造业发展起到了至关重要的作用。而未来,机械生产力将远远超过人类,人口红利将会大大减小。除非将大量的人口转换成人才,否则人口红利将会慢慢消失,而这么做难度极大,毕竟将高等教育普及给绝大多数的公民这在中美两个世界大国前都是难题。







Chicago Visit (Opinions about US-China relationships and more) Beautiful pictures!


Chicago, one of the largest cities in the U.S. I studied in the state of Indiana, so Chicago is not a far place for me to go. This winter, I decided to visit Chicago with another friend.  Chicago has always been a mysterious place for me, because of its size and safety concerns. I have always been a person who is really interested in reading news. Unfortunately, Chicago has always been in the headline for things like gang violence and shootings. It usually depicted as one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S.


20181222_142402_hdrToday, I visited the University of Chicago, a place of my dreams. Uni. of Chicago is one of the best universities in the U.S. One thing from this University really fascinated me:  Culture. Because of the University of Chicago’s academic environment, many philosophers and great thinkers were from this university. Today, this university is most famous for its advocacy of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is in the First Amendment of the Constitution. However, today many environments especially college campus, started to advocate for safe speech. Safe speech is meant to protect minority students without getting offended. This thought itself is a good idea. However, in the real world, this idea has been enforced excessively:” Professors cannot read certain articles because they might offend someone; On Halloween, students can not dress in certain costumes because it might be offensive to some culture.” Showing respect to others should be every civilized person’s responsibility. However, using that as a reason to suppress a certain point of view is dangerous. People say America is a great country because of its diversity. Diversity is not just about race, but also about the culture. Each culture or point of view has its uniqueness and sometimes different points of view may contradict each other. That way, a civilized debate should be promoted rather than let the mainstream point of view to take over the conversation and shut down any idea that is different than it. University is a place for people to meet with other people who have different cultural backgrounds than his or hers. It is a place for different ideas to merge. Promoting civilized debate or even argument is a great way for students to learn from each other, rather than to say whose idea is the best. It is better to see other people’s point of view and find out why his or her idea makes sense or not.


Back to my travel. On that day, I started my breakfast at Chinatown. Chinatown is probably the only place in the U.S. that even if you only know Chinese, you can still live well. No matter if it is Taiwan Chinese, Mainland Chinese, or Cantonese. The price is not too expensive, but in the end, I spent about $30 dollars for this breakfast. I guess that is just because Chinese are good at doing business, make the price for every item so low, which makes you want to purchase more. In the end, they still make a good profit.

After breakfast, we called Uber to go to U. Chicago. The interesting thing is the driver actually studied at U. Chicago before. We discussed many issues, let me summarize as below:

1. Are Chinese (International) students taking the U.S. citizens’ job?

I didn’t bring this question directly, rather we discussed the issue of chip making job. He said many international Ph.D. students can easily apply for green cards once they get a job. Many chipset R&D companies are willing to sponsor these international students. I agreed with that, but I felt that also would affect the U.S. citizens (chip-making) job market. He replied:” Today, most research engineers are foreign exchange students. You can’t say they are taking your job if you don’t have appropriate engineering skills. ” I felt that was a really good point, and I complimented him for his open mind. It is true that many engineering jobs are taken by foreign students. Those international students are a great force for American company’s innovation. There are many surveys or reports showing that less America born citizens are willing to study STEM major compare with 20 years ago. I think the U.S. government should make certain policies to promote that, such as lower tuition for the U.S. citizens to study STEM majors. Trump’s hostile policy toward foreign students in a way may make it easier for the U.S. students to get a job. But in the long run, if the hostility remains, many international students will choose different destination for their career. For example, Japan or China. In the future, human capital will become the most valuable resource for a company or a country’s ability to innovate.20181222_173712_hdr

2. Don’t try to become a hegemony

Hegemony means superpower. As we know, America spends billions and billions of dollars in order to maintain military superpower in the world. America’s military spending is No.1 in the world, surpassing the next five countries’ military budget combined. The driver said that China is also trying to do the same thing as America in the South China Sea. China just put a bunch of sand in one area, builds an island, and then claims that area belongs to China. As a Chinese, I do agree that China has a tendency that tries to become a world superpower, but I certainly understand why Chinese politicians want that. In fact, many big countries want to become superpowers: U.S., Russia, Japan, India. I do agree with the driver’s point that maintaining a gigantic military can be a waste of money. But one thing he did not notice is the power and the influence America gains from the powerful military. Part of the reason the U.S. dollar is the world’s most used currency is that the U.S. is the most powerful country in the world. In almost every global conflict, one or both sides want to gain support from the U.S. because of the U.S.’s power. China is currently trying to build its third aircraft carrier. Even though it is hard to challenge America’s 12+ aircraft carriers, with the increase of Chinese economy, China is likely trying to match with America’s sea power. It’s debatable of whether it is necessary to build and maintain a gigantic size of the military, but for sure a large military means more power and more power can create more influence to other countries.
20181223_161234_hdr3. College admission

I would say I am pretty familiar with the U.S college application process since I did my college application mostly by myself. The driver said he studied at U. Chicago for a year, then transferred to U. Michigan. Both schools are great schools. I asked him why he transferred. Was it because of the course load at U. Chicago? He replied by saying that it is not in his best interest to take the excessive amount of workload, even though he can handle it. He said the motto for U.Chicago is “where fun goes to die.” I already know U. Chicago is a pretty serious Academic school, and his reply just confirmed it. The driver’s son is currently studying at Stanford. I was impressed and complement that he and his son are both well-educated. Then I asked him how his son got into Stanford. He said his son is an athlete. The coach’s recommendation letter may have helped a lot. I was then curious how good the athlete needs to be to get admitted into Stanford. He said:” They have to be very good, and they don’t want mediocre students, whether is academic or sports. ” He then told me not all school valued sports that much, for example, UChicago used to have a football team, but then they canceled, now they just focus on its academic side.

Then we talked about the competitiveness of today’s U.S college applications. He said, he probably wouldn’t get into U. Michigan by today’s standards. I told him that I got denied by multiple UC schools. He asked wether was UCLA or Berkeley. I said:” Not even Berkeley but UCLA, UC San Diego and UC Irvine. I know they are really good schools, but they are not like the best school in the U.S.” He said: “Yes, but there are millions of people from all over the world trying to get in these schools. It is very competitive.” I agreed with him and said:” Especially today, as more and more Chinese become richer, they tend to send their children overseas to study, that would also make the competition more intense.” He said:” That’s fine, they are hardworking students. They deserve a better education.” The driver is a very open-minded person, probably not many people think that way.20181223_130157_hdr

4.   North Korea

North Korea, a mysterious country located in Asia. People seem to know about this country from the news, while not many know about this country in great detail. In 2018, the U.S. president Donald J. Trump met with North Korea’s “President” Kim Jong-un. I commented that as “a win for King- Jong”. The car driver said: “Today’s Korea is like the old time Germany, West Germany, and East Germany. Look at South Korea, it is like one of the richest countries in the world. Can you imagine if North Korea allowed South Korea’s capital to flow into North Korea? All these jobs could be created and people wouldn’t have to starve anymore. North Korea’s citizens would feel like they were in Heaven. I also don’t understand why China doesn’t something to take this crazy dictator down.” I explained that by saying things like geopolitics: If the U.S. democratized North Korea, the U.S. would likely put a military base in North Korea, which could become a direct threat for China and Russia’s national security.” “I get the part about national security, but I am sure this can be worked out between the two governments. I also wonder why a military coup did not happen in North Korea. Maybe one day, these military generals will say:” That’s enough!” then shoot him (King Jong-un).” I did not have a good answer for that at that time, but afterward, I thought about this question again and came up with some answers: First, it is easy to imagine these military generals live in constant fear. If people still remember King-Jong-un killed his uncle, who is also a high-ranked military official. Despite the cruelty, this is an interesting case. If you look at the time that King’s uncle been killed, it is not long after that King-John became the President of NK. In China, there is an axiom for that: “A new broom sweeps clean.” When a new leader is inaugurated, he or she will apply some strict force in order to demonstrate his or her power, so that no one else dares to challenge him or her. Clearly, King successfully demonstrated his power by killing his uncle, so other generals know very clearly, if they have any thoughts regarding to kill the President, they would get killed before they succeeded. More importantly, their family will get killed as well. Second, they are military generals, they have a higher living standard than regular citizens. If other people are starving, while you have meats to eat, enough food to consume, you are not likely to want to give up this living standard or risk your life to fight the regime. The third reason is propaganda. There are lots of crazy rumors about North Korea, such as King Jong-un doesn’t poop etc, so you never know what these military generals think about their leader.
20181223_145844_hdr5. China’s innovation

When we talk about the politics and economy, it is hard not to talk about the success of economic development in China. The driver was also surprised by the fast speed of Chinese economic development. He went to Shanghai before, saying the city is like a Vegas, very modern and beautiful. Today, China is experiencing a technology breakthrough, many technology innovations developed in recent years. There were two sentences said by the drive that truly impressed me:” China has its own ability to develop advanced technology, so why copy the U.S.’s technology. If China can be No.1, why choose to become No.2?” Today, we have entered into a technology era. It is critical for a country to master all these advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, 5G, big data, machine learning etc. In order to stay competitive in the global world. Today, most innovation comes from the U.S. and China. There are a few remarkable companies worth to mentioning here:20181223_153430_hdr


Google, a dominant innovation company in the world. They have lots of complex algorithms related to online searching, artificial intelligence, model building, big data, and self-driving cars.

Apple, a dominant phone making company that goes beyond just making electronics. The chips inside the IPad pro and iPhone are the world’s fastest CPU chips in the tablet and phone. Apple is also the most profitable phone making company in the world.

Facebook: Billions of people use its online social platform to connect with their friends and family or to do the advertisement for their business. It has a big advantage in the Big Data world since they own a tremendous amount of people’s data.20181221_174414_hdr

Huawei: Huawei is most famous for its phone products. Huawei’s phone has been longtime ranked as No.1 picture-taking phone by Dxo, which is an independent organization. Huawei is also one of the few phone manufacturing companies that develop its own CPU. It’s very good in terms of calculating speed and smart level(artificial intelligence). More importantly, Huawei’s main focus is not on the phone industry, its main focus is on communication equipment. Huawei is one of the leading company in 5G development.

Tencent: Its product Wechat and QQ have more than a billion people use it, mainly in mainland China. Its Wechat pay is one of the main force that pushes China into a cashless society.

Alibaba: Alibaba is the world’s largest online shopping website. What is amazing about this company is its ability able to handle billions dollar in just a few seconds. That requires a very fast and secure payment transfer technology.

In the end, my Chicago visit became both a cultural experience and a meaningful conversation experience. Hope you enjoy reading it, and feel free to share with your friends or families.20181222_142919_hdr

Tell me what you think, and leave your comments below. I hope this blog will be a place for conversation about our lives as we interact with the world we live in. Thank you for following my blog, I will try my best to post monthly.  (* ̄︶ ̄)

星盟2018年度报告 XingMeng 2018 annual report

Xing Meng 2018 Annual Report

2018 is a critical year for Xing Meng “Open Economy” policy, as Xing Meng been further reformed, a new era has come——Smart Government 3.0. In this, we have experienced multiple hardships, like Economy Blockade and Diplomatic dilemma. The only choice that we have is moving forward rather than step back. This year, we have been actively researched in the areas, such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Office, and 3D model building techniques. We used these advanced methods help us to solve complex problems, and we are not afraid for the future. Another notable event is the idea of “Multi- Departments cooperation.” With that idea in mind, each department has been corporately working together to conquer the future challenges. Today, the situation is mostly under control, and we are looking forward to making more progress in the future.


  1. Economy

2018, the world economy is in turbulence. The trade war between the U.S. and China is the main reason for the turbulence. According to Xing Meng Department of Finance, it predicts that the trade war effect will be minimized at the beginning or the mid-year of 2019. Next year, I hope Dept. of Finance can make more accurate prediction along with the market. Improving Economy will be our main goal in 2018, and will remain on our priority in the future. The economy is the base for a nation. Make Xing Meng’s economy more independent, and sustainable are the two main goals for us. The mid-year Economy crisis taught us a lesson, which let us recognize how vulnerable of our nation’s economy. In the future, Xing Meng will dedicate to develop its economy, diversified the money inflow, sustainable, and smart economy. This year is just the beginning of our nation’s economic development. We will use the methods, like big data to enter into more markets and expand in them. Enter multiple markets, and diversified money inflow are our advantages, but lack of depth is our weakness. In the coming year, we will get into more depth of these markets, and we will focus on just a few of them. With the advantages of technologies and human capitals, we expect our economy enters a new level 2019. Meanwhile remember, if it belongs to us, we will take it, if it doesn’t belong to us, we should stay away from it.


  1. Foreign Affairs

This year, Xing Meng raised the idea of “Big Diplomacy.” The depth and the range of our nation’s diplomacy have both been improved. This year, our Dept. of Foreign Affairs has done a wonderful job, and I personally appreciate everyone’s work. In the next year, our focus will narrow down into three areas: 1. Talk with powerful people. 2. Able to chat with similar age girls. 3. Talk to my parents. Become a more interesting person is our main goal. Improve the depth of our foreign affairs is also an important goal. Applied technologies include 3D model building and artificial intelligence.



  1. Technology

In 2018, Xing Meng has been dedicated to scientific research and made multiple breakthroughs. With multiple departments cooperation, we used advanced technology, like Big Data to solved multiple challenges. In 2019, we will keep mastering the power of technology, keep investing in scientific research, and hope to make more technology breakthrough. In the future, our focus areas will be Big Data, 3D model building, entering Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning and Thinking. We hope our Super Brain™ successfully developed. Become more intelligent will be our main goal. Dept. of Technology solved majority civil level difficulties, and we hope it can make more progress in future High-Tech area.


  1. Health

A Healthy organization is a critical requirement to successfully run all the task. Keep a healthy organization is critical in this fast-changing era. In 2018, Dept. of Health kept the entire organization running smoothly most of the time, but fitness issue never really been solved. Work with Dept. of Technology can be a solution.


  1. Academics

As a student, the study should be our priority. Even Xing Meng has changed its focus at the beginning of 2018, to keep decent grades is still our basic policy. In the next coming semester, each department should cooperate more often, face challenges together, to keep our nation’s grades decent.


Similar as 2018, 2019 will be another unusual year for us. 2019 is a critical year for our initiative “Xing Meng 2020”. Let us work hard for Xing Meng’s bright future!



Jack Wu





  • 经济



  • 外交



  • 科技

星盟在2018一直致力于科技的研发与突破,我们认为,科技和人才是未来的核心力量。今年,在多部门的合作下,运用大数据等技术成功化解了诸多挑战。2019年,我们将持续运用科技的力量,坚持投资科技领域,力争取得新的突破。未来,我们的核心科技发展方向为大数据领域,立体建模技术,初入人工智能,和深度学习和思考领域。Super Brain™也希望能做成。智能化也将是我们发展的重点。科技部的同事们在2018攻坚克难,精益求精,炉火纯青。基本解决了民用科技的需求,在未来高科技领域,也希望能取得更大的突破。


  • 健康



  • 学业







Hello, everyone! Thank you for visiting my blog. This is the first time I start my own blog. I am really excited to share my personal stories or thoughts with you guys. I hope you like it!

First of all, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Zhihao Wu, and my English name is Jack. Really easy to remember, right? I come from China, but I have been studying in the US for over four years, which is my entire high school life. During these four years, I grow up a lot. I’ve become more mature and intellectual. I can take more responsibility for myself, my family and the community, which is  something I really proud of.

I have various interests, such as politics, news, and reading. All three things can provoke me to think. One thing I felt about millenarians is many of them is not a thinker, not all millenarian, but some of them. I know very well about politics and have my unique way to interpret the news. I would love to share my thoughts with you guys, even though politics is a kind sensitive topic to discuss.

I also love to make friends. I want to make friends with people who have positive energy, who is amicable and intellectual. I have friends all over the world(that’s a bit exaggerated)!Most of them are from China and America. I have Asian friends, White friends, African America friends and a Latina friend. Different people have different stories. Make friends with them can make me have a better understanding of the world. My friends are not limited with my same age peer. I am friend with my school principals, teachers, lawyers, professors, and programmers.

Also, it would be beneficial to provide my resume for you guys so that you can have a better understanding of me. I will just list a few thingsto share with you guys. I am in the National Honor Society and played a role in student government.I established our high school first Ping-Pong club even it “died” on my senior year. I attended an internship on my dad’s small company and on a bank in China. I also have three social media groups contain total over thousand people who like to discuss politics. That’s about it.

Also FYI, list those things are not trying to brag myself. Compared with students who get admitted into Ivey School’s resume, and my resume is nothing. But I believe it’s not about how big things I did, rather how these things contributed in my life and how did they made me become a better person. Talking about school, I have been admitted into Purdue University, majoring in Electrical Engineering and Technology. I know nothing about EET, but I believe it will be beneficial for my future career to have some technology background.
I am really excited to experience Purdue University——One of the best University in the nation(according to Purdue itself). ~

Shoot me an email if you want, my email is Let me know what do you want to know about me or my opinion about any political events, news,etc.

Thanks again for visiting my blog! All is well!——《Three Idiots》